Balboa Naval Hospital Comprehensive Complex Casualty Care Center


This award-winning  rehabilitation facility at Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego is designed to enhance both the physical & emotional well-being of injured soldiers returning from battle. The state-of-the-art outdoor rehabilitation courtyard offers a nature-based’ theme, including numerous training elements aimed at improving the quality of the rehabilitation process.
1The focal element is a 30′ high climbing wall with cushioned fall-zone, intended to challenge the mind, body & spirit of the soldier. Physical training nodes designed into this courtyard present real-life challenges & build the patient’s level of confidence & degree of skill.
Training areas include various ramp & stair configurations, diverse paving materials, forms & surface textures. Balance beams & platforms create additional challenges.
Walkway 1Boulders, river cobble, logs, and shade tolerant plantings help reinforce the nature-based theme and create a healing environment.
Deck 1
Patio 1