Citracado Medical Office Building

This Pediatric Medical Office Building was created with a sense of ‘whimsy’ to appeal to children and provide a welcoming environment for all who visit the facility.The colorful building façades and seasonal plantings help create a positive experience for children while visiting their Doctor.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe arrival courtyard  ‘embraces’ children and parents with decorative paving patterns in soft, curving forms that lead to the front door. Colorful pots pick up on the bold color theme. Raised planter walls are inset with boulders to reflect the boulder outcroppings found on surrounding hillsides, and serve as both seating & climbing elements. Curved benches are staggered to accent each of the paving panels that radiate off the curved building facade.
Citracado5A single specimen tree serves as the main focal point, adding flower color & valuable cooling of the courtyard space. Italian Cypress trees are set against the building facade to help accentuate the curved architectural form.


Drought tolerant trees, shrubs & ground covers offer seasonal color that compliments the building theme & adds a degree of visual delight.  Evergreen trees in the parking lots & along driveway corridors provide valuable shade.