Diamond NeighborhoodFamily Health Center

This 23,000 sq. ft. health care facility  serves the needs of families in the Diamond Neighborhood of San Diego. The 3 story building includes exam rooms, pediatric & women’s care medical offices, lab space, multi-purpose rooms, vision & dental offices, as well as staff offices and conference rooms.

The sustainable landscape includes large trees to provide shade along walkways and in the parking areas. Several stormwater bio-basins on the property were created to collect and filter rainfall. The porous paving surface of the parking lot also collects rainfall.

The inviting gateway element along Market Street features stone-clad walls that match the building façade, with decorative wrought iron gates and accent planter bowls. This attractive gateway statement welcome visitors from the nearby bus stop.

Staff amenities include an outdoor lunch patio with vine-covered wood arbor, as well as bicycle lockers.