Escondido Transit Center

The Escondido Transit Center serves as an important civic landmark and multi-modal transit hub for all of north county. This timeless facility graciously accommodates buses, trains, taxis, shuttles, bicycles and pedestrians, while preserving a stand of historic eucalyptus trees.  It provides strong visual and physical links from the parking lots to the ticket windows and on to the bus loading nodes.  All paths are distinct, well signed and symbolized by towers and arcades. Landscape design elements include decorative pedestrian paving, colored concrete seating blocks, storage and racks for bicycles, trash receptacles, and metal benches.
Plant materials were chosen to reflect the agricultural heritage of the region.  In the design of the pedestrian paving surfaces, priority was given to handicapped users, creating a barrier-free environment under the colonnades.  Visually impaired transit users are guided by a rubberized “pathway” in the pavement creating a distinct textural “trail”.  Public art was incorporated into the plaza area, as part of the City of Escondido’s Public Art Program.