Filipino Village Destination Masterplan

With a large Filipino population living & working near the main business district, the City of National City felt the need to enhance the area by creating a mixed-use ‘destination district’ to better serve the business, cultural & social needs of the growing population.
Picture1The master planning effort began by engaging members of the business community in a creative ‘visioning’ dialogue. Input was gathered from walking tours of the region to explore the potential. Several design workshops were conducted  to gather ideas & support for the ambitious masterplan & to build community consensus.
The master plan included geographic & environmental studies, traffic analysis & economic feasibility. The final comprehensive document addressed land use modifications; visual & transportation corridors; alternative modes of transit; architectural quidelines for thematic elements & amenities; barrier-free accessibility; activity nodes; as well as specialty gardens.
Picture2Redevelopment opportunities were identified throughout the district, & schematic plans were developed. The final ‘visioning’ exercise included the creation of a branding strategy to promote the district.