Pier View Way Pedestrian Undercrossing

This award-winning pedestrian undercrossing serves as an important link between downtown Oceanside and the waterfront development, boardwalk, and historic pier. The ‘artful’ corridor includes a tunnel that crosses under the railroad tracks, turning an unsightly barrier into a civic amenity.  Designated corridors allow maximum safety for pedestrians and bicyclists, divided by decorative fencing and raised planter beds.Picture2
Ribbons of alternating color form high-drama paving patterns, inspired by the cool ocean breezes.  The Oceanside ‘wave’ motif is reflected in the custom fabricated fences & railings,  in security bollards, and in the large plaza areas at each end of the corridor, where recycled glass is embedded into the concrete paving.
Picture 5Senegal Date Palms create a bold skyline statement along the corridor. Tropical  bougainvilleas and flowering shrubs offering year-round color.  This project stimulates the senses and enlivens the experience for bicyclists and pedestrians as they pass through this important urban under-crossing.