Solar Turbines Executive Courtyard

This ‘resort-style’ courtyard graciously welcomes visitors from around the world, and hosts outdoor meetings in the  ‘al fresca’ setting. This stunning transformation, finished in 2011, replaced a ‘dated’ patio that had damaged paving, overgrown trees, and serious drainage issues. The new courtyard now reflects a strong sense of corporate pride for Solar and its parent company Catepillar.


Visitors enter the space at the upper level, which serves as a main pedestrian path between buildings. King Palms flank this important promenade space. The ‘sunken courtyard’ is the new destination for outdoor meetings and lunchtime exchanges. The problematic drainage issues that occurred during heavy rains were remedied with this sunken space.

A rich brown ‘carpet’ of colored concrete forms the foundation for up-scale tables and colorful umbrellas. Recessed ‘seating nooks’ offer smaller tables and seatwalls for quiet one-on-one meetings.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAmenities include over-sized decorative pots for high-drama in key locations. Custom fabricated trash receptacles and recycle bins, sit under the new brightly colored awning canopy. This sustainable landscape features succulents & drought tolerant plants that are watered with an efficient drip irrigation system.